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Marthe Robin - A Prophetic Vision of the Gospel Message
By Bernard Peyrous with a foreword by Jean Vanier
Veritas 2010
ISBN: 978-1-84730-237-3

The extraordinary life of one of the most intriguing figures of the 20th century. Born into a peasant family in a remote French village, confined to bed with paralysis by the age of eighteen, blind by the age of thirty-eight, Marthe Robin nonetheless founded the Foyers of Charity and gave counsel and prayerful support to over 100,000 visitors. The postulator for her cause, traces the spiritual journey of one whose identification with Jesus was so intense that she suffered the stigmata and every Friday for years experienced the Passion of Christ.

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cover - Marthe Robin

A Rainbow in the Night
by Dominique Lapierre
US edition: Da Capo Press 2009
UK edition Perseus Books 2010

The powerful historical drama of the bringing to life of the country now known as the Rainbow Nation, beginning with the Dutch settlement in the Cape, in 1652, and ending with Nelson Mandela’s 1994 presidential inauguration in Pretoria. This epic account is punctuated with the human stories of heroic men and women - famous and obscure, white and black, European and African - caught up in the cruelly oppressive regime that ended with the liberation from prison of one of the moral giants of our time.

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cover - A rainbow in the Night

The City of Joy
by Dominique Lapierre
(Century 1986)

1985 Christopher Award

Heroism, love and joy experienced amidst the destitution of a Calcutta slum. This place of extreme poverty has the magical ability to fashion saints: saints such as Mother Teresa, but unknown saints too - such as Stephan Kovalski, a Polish Catholic priest who makes his home there in a shack without ventilation or light, infested with rats and cockroaches. Among his neigbours are a community of eunuchs, the godfather of the local mafia and a colony of lepers ….

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cover - The City of Joy

Beyond Love
by Dominique Lapierre
(Random Century 1991)
The epic story of those who fought to save humanity from AIDS, the greatest
plague of our time, and the race to develop an effective medicine.

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A Thousand Suns
by Dominique Lapierre
(Simon & Schuster UK Ltd 1999)
In which Lapierre traces his personal growth from detached journalist to
concerned participant in some of the great human dramas about which he has written.

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Five Past Midnight in Bhopal
by Dominique Lapierre & Javier Moro
(Simon & Schuster UK Ltd 2002)

Dominique Lapierre and his co-author Javier Moro (in a fluent translation by Kathryn Spink) write without hyperbole but with a compassion which is all the stronger for being understated
Jonathan Dimbleby, The Times

At five past midnight on 3rd December 1984 a cloud of toxic gas escaped from an American pesticide plant in the heart of the Indian city of Bhopal, killing between sixteen and thirty thousand people and injuring five hundred thousand more. This book puts faces to the masses that were affected by a disaster, the survivors of which are still suffering chronically and without proper compensation. It records a real tragedy of crucial relevance to our times and is a warning to all those sorcerer's apprentices who threaten the future of our planet.

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Made for Happiness - Discovering the meaning of Life with Aristotle
by Jean Vanier
(Darton, Longman & Todd 2001)

A lucid and accessible translation
David Warren, The Ottawa Citizen.

A marriage of classical thought to contemporary challenges. The Greek philosopher Aristotle believed that friendship, pleasure, and the active search for truth and justice are all part of the fundamental quest for happiness. Vanier considers Aristotle's theories in the light of our modern lives, in which many people confuse happiness with money, material comfort or power. He illuminates the links between psychology, spirituality, and morality and shows us that these paths to knowledge and wisdom can give meaning to our lives and free us in our search for happiness.

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cover - Made for Happiness

Yougga finds Mother Teresa
by Kirsten Bang
(Element Books Ltd 1983)
Yougga, the crippled son of a poor tanner in a North Indian village, has few
prospects - until his neighbour takes him on a pilgrimage to the sacred city of Varanasi (formerly Benares). Their long journey brings a series of adventures and an encounter with Mother Teresa, which proves to be decisive. A story for children with drawings in the Indian style by Kamma Svenson.

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